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1Herein, one for the comics fans among you. It’s new release from Dark Horse I’m excited to check out. (Times like these I miss the Quimby’s bookstore and comics shop in my long-ago Chicago neighborhood.) The new series builds on the notion of a “Ghost Fleet” of “elite combat-trained truckers” hauling no-touch, no-look cargo. One of them “takes a forbidden peek at his payload” and “uncovers a conspiracy that will change his life forever!”


‘Ghost Fleet’ becomes reality in new comicOn-highway reads: Revisiting ‘In the Driver’s Seat’Writer and former owner-operator Marc Mayfield will be interviewed Thursday, March 7 at 7 p.m. EST on the Truth About Trucking Live online radio program. ...
Yeah, we’re not talking a realistic look at an arms, ammunition and explosives hauler in the military’s special contracting program, but the comic book’s genesis involves writer Donny Cates’ brushes with the niche, among other security-sensitive freight – my colleague David Hollis, over on the Truckers News.com site, has a nice interview with the creator about the genesis of the series. Take a look at it via this link.

In Hollis’ words, you might think of the “Ghost Fleet” comic as a sort of “X Files” (for those who remember that gem of a 90s TV show) on 18 wheels. Full of plenty of “action on the open road,” as runs part of the publisher’s description, the first installment of the new series is available for order at this link.

‘Ghost Fleet’ becomes reality in new comic

Former Austin, Texas, comics store owner Cates, pictured above, tattoed his right arm with an illustration based on one of the panels in the comic to, in Hollis’ words, “remind him of the deadlines that hang over his head now that he is a successful comic book author.”

Catch some of the illustrations from the book in the gallery below. 

‘Ghost Fleet’ becomes reality in new comic
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Read more http://www.overdriveonline.com/ghost-fleet-becomes-reality-in-new-comic/

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