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Highway Driver Fires On Three Truckers In Multiple Incidents

Highway Driver Fires On Three Truckers In Multiple IncidentsThree truckers in a convoy recently came under attack by a gunman driving a white pickup truck on Highway 59 in Montgomery County, Texas.

According to a report by KHOU 11 News, three trucks were driving on Highway 59 when a white pickup truck in front of them started speeding up and slowing down to prevent them from passing.

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“The pickup truck sped up and throwed his hand out the window, flashing a pistol and fired two shots in the air,” said one of the drivers in an interview with KHOU.

Responding responsibly, the lead driver got in touch with the other two, got the pickup’s license plate, slowed down to avoid further confrontation, and called the police.

The pickup took a highway exit, but shortly after, came back around and pulled up next to one of the trucks.

“He throwed his left hand out the window, flipped me the bird, then turned around with a pistol in his right hand shot off a round into my truck,” said the driver.

The bullet hit the truck’s transmission, disabling it.

The driver was pulling pieces of the bullet out of his transmission while police officers were taking his report when the pickup truck drove past again. The police officers caught up with the pickup and arrested the driver.

The confrontation could have been much worse, as when police searched the pickup truck they found multiple handguns, a rifle, a shotgun, and plenty of ammo.


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Source: khou

Image Source: khou 11 Screen Grab

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