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GPS Fail: Trucker Drives on Pedestrian Path, Gets Stuck On Bridge

GPS Fail: Trucker Drives on Pedestrian Path, Gets Stuck On BridgeA trucker is claiming that it was his GPS’s fault that his truck got stuck on a pedestrian bridge in a Milwaukee park last week. Whether or not his GPS told him to turn in the wrong place however, it should have been fairly clear that he was driving where he shouldn’t be.

It wasn’t until he had driven a significant distance on a narrow, often unpaved pedestrian footpath in a city park that the 50 year-old driver realized he might be in the wrong place. He had managed to drive over and damage an incredibly narrow pedestrian bridge and knock in to tree limbs before getting stuck.

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According to the curator of a nearby museum, it’s incredible that the first bridge he crossed didn’t collapse under the weight of the 32,000lbs truck. It has been closed to car traffic since the 1960s when it as declared unsafe for vehicles.

Given the very real danger of a bridge collapse, it wasn’t possible to just drive out the way he came. A crane had come and lift the truck to safety. Luckily, the trailer wasn’t loaded at the time, or the incident could have been much worse.

Ultimately, the driver walked away with almost $580 in fines and has been cited for reckless driving and failure to obey road signs.

The best part? The company motto on the side of the truck proudly reads “We drive a fine line.”


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